Shopping Phrases in Spanish

Spanish souvenirs
    Spanish souvenirs
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If you are like most tourists, when travelling abroad you probably like visiting local shops and markets to get a few souvenirs you can take home.

If that's the case and you are visiting a Spanish-speaking country, or if you are staying there a bit longer and want to be prepared for getting groceries and other goods, it will help to be prepared with a good Spanish shopping vocabulary. Keep reading to find some useful words and phrases for shopping in Spanish.

Cost and Value

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of shopping is probably money. Being able to ask how much things cost is essential if you want to make a purchase. You can review the numbers in Spanish here, but you'll also need some new vocabulary to go with them. Let's take a look at some words and phrases to discuss cost in Spanish.


Money Vocabulary in Spanish

  • El dinero - Money
  • La moneda - Coin (this can also mean currency)
  • El billete - Bill
  • El cambio - Change
  • La tarjeta de crédito - Credit card
  • La tarjeta de débito - Debit card
  • El cheque - Check
  • El efectivo - Cash
  • Los dólares - Dollars
  • Los euros - Euros
  • Los pesos - Pesos
  • El precio - Price
  • El descuento - Discount
  • La oferta - Sale
  • (Muy) Caro - (Very) Expensive
  • (Muy) Barato - (Very) Cheap

Phrases to Discuss Cost in Spanish

  • Disculpe... - Excuse me...
    • ¿Cuánto cuesta/vale? - How much does it cost?
    • ¿Me puede hacer un descuento si compro dos? - Can I get a discount if I buy two?
    • ¿Cuál es el precio más bajo que me puede dar? - What is the lowest you can go?
    • ¿Tiene descuento con alguna tarjeta? - Do you offer a discount with any cards?
    • ¿Aceptan tarjetas de crédito? - Do you take credit cards?
    • ¿Cómo va a pagar? - How would you like to pay?
    • ¿Paga en efectivo? - Will that be cash?
    • Ingrese su PIN, por favor. - Please enter your PIN.
    • Firme aquí, por favor. - Please sign here.

Shopping Around

Of course, discussing cost isn't everything. Before you get there, you will need some vocabulary to find what you're looking for.

Finding a Shop

  • ¿Dónde hay...? - Where is there a...?
    • Un centro comercial/Un shopping - Mall
    • Un supermercado - Supermarket
    • Una tienda - Store
    • Una feria - Street market
    • Una panadería - Bakery
    • Una carnicería - Butcher
    • Una farmacia - Pharmacy
    • Una boutique - Boutique
    • Una ferretería - Hardware store
    • Una librería - Book shop
    • Una papelería - Office supply store
    • Una juguetería - Toy store
    • Una zapatería - Shoe store

Finding Products

  • ¿Dónde puedo comprar...? - Where can I buy...?
    • La comida - Food
    • El agua mineral - Mineral water
    • Los medicamentos - Medicine
    • El protector solar - Sunscreen
    • El maquillaje - Make up
    • La ropa - Clothes
    • La camisa - Shirt
    • El traje de baño - Swimsuit
    • El sombrero - Hat
    • Los zapatos - Shoes
    • Los juguetes - Toys
    • Los souvenirs - Souvenirs
    • Las artesanías - Crafts
    • Las postales - Postcards
    • La lapicera - Pen
    • El lápiz - Pencil
    • El papel – Paper
    • Los sellos – Postage stamps
Asking for what you want

Sometimes, finding the right store might not be enough. You may need to ask around before you get the exact product you want. The following phrases should help you do just that:

  • Me gustaría comprar... - I would like to buy...
  • ¿Tiene...? - Do you have...?
  • ¿Lo puedo ver? - Can I see it?
  • ¿Lo tiene en otro talle/color? - Do you have this in another size/color?
  • ¿Lo tiene en...? - Do you have this in...?
    • Pequeño - Small
    • Mediano - Medium
    • Grande - Large
    • Extragrande - Extra large
    • Rojo - Red
    • Azul - Blue
    • Amarillo - Yellow
    • Blanco - White
    • Negro - Black
  • ¿Tiene otro modelo? - Do you have a different model?
  • No nos queda. - We ran out.
  • Me gusta. - I like it.
  • No me gusta. - I don't like it.
  • ¿Me lo puedo probar? - Can I try it on?
  • Me queda grande. - It's too big on me.
  • Me queda chico. - It's too small on me.
  • ¿Tiene un talle más grande/chico? - Do you have a bigger/smaller size?
  • ¿Tiene otra marca? - Do you have a different brand?
  • ¿Tiene uno más barato? - Do you have a cheaper one?

All of this new vocabulary should help you shop around any Spanish-speaking country comfortably, but, whatever you do, never forget the two magic phrases: por favor y gracias (please and thank you). Happy shopping!